• IT Consulting ServicesIT Consulting Services
    Information Technology services based on a comprehensive assessment of the current infrastructure, hardware and software environment which we use to provide custom-tailored solutions that can measurably maximize return on investment (ROI). 

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  • Telecom Consulting & Managed Services We partner with our telecom service provider clients to develop their networks and service offerings. This includes current operations analysis, managing the transitioning of telecom network operations outsourcing, continuous monitoring the strongest possible security posture.Read more
  • ICT Strategy and Systems Integration Which recognizes that Information and Communications Technology merge at many points in an organization’s operating environment. We effectively manage and perform projects of all sizes, from the integration of a Voice Over IP (VOIP) system into the current environment, to the development of a large-scale, multi-user/role, collaborative systems. In addition to performing technical services, cti helps agencies to develop IT and Telecom strategies based on internal customer needs and organizational budget¬† Read more
  • Business / Organizational Services Where CTI’s business operation services aren’t limited to technology-centric programs, our staff is experienced in business productivity enhancement, generation of business requirements, change management and documentation development. We learn the organization’s unique business requirements to develop documentation that is based on organization-specific methodologies and processes. CTI has successfully led projects to ensure that IT and Telecom services are deployed in compliance with federal and agency-specific guidelines for Privacy, Disclosure, Security, Human Resources and Union relations. Read more
  • Program and Project Management To support Program Management Office (PMO) activities at the program and project level. We can serve as program and project managers, as well as in a supporting capacity providing guidance to managers regarding appropriate and efficient solution implementations and IT/Telecom service enhancements. In this capacity, CTI can also assist PMOs with procurement assistance in defining requirements and developing RFP/RFQ research and documentation. Leveraging CTI’s deep experience in delivering PM services we are also able to provide training services in the form of workshops on topics including: requirements gathering, security analysis, compliance, and program performance evaluations. Read more
  • Product/Service Development & Management For commercial and public sector clients that need to ensure effective and complete deployment of mission-critical or otherwise high-profile products or services. CTI conducts technical product evaluations on existing or potential Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) products. Our core specialization shines in our evaluations of IT and Telecom-related products/services where we provide Subject Matter Expertise (SME) as well as Technical Advisory services to Technical Evaluation Teams (TETs). Read more

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