Business / Organizational Services

Business / Organization Services CTI’s business operation services aren’t limited to technology-centric programs, our staff is experienced in business productivity enhancement, generation of business requirements, change management and documentation development. We learn the organization’s unique business requirements to develop documentation that is based on organization-specific methodologies and processes. CTI has successfully led projects to ensure that IT and Telecom services are deployed in compliance with federal and agency-specific guidelines for Privacy, Disclosure, Security, Human Resources and Union relations.

Business Strategy
CTI’s experienced staff are educated and trained in business operations as well as information technology management; as a result, we’re able to assess your current operating environment in a business-sensitive manner that exploits technology as efficiently as possible to do what it’s supposed to do, improve your bottom line. We work closely with our clients’ leadership to ensure a comprehensive understanding of business goals and objectives as they relate to technology assets and investments.

Beyond our focus on technology, CTI’s business consultants provide advisory services that provide clients with the research, rationale, and processes needed to optimize performance and efficiency. It is possible that disparate business units are not benefiting from leveraging resources that can be shared with other business units such as knowledge libraries, IT applications and systems based on proven processes.

Business Operations and Process Transformation
CTI’s business consultants want to optimize your processes and identify lag points that we are experienced in identifying and solving. Upon assessing business operations for clients, we develop a transformation plan that identifies required steps as well as resources; as a result, our guidance often results in revisions or re-generation of critical processes and procurement assistance through outsourcing of transformation tasks that are more cost-effective and efficient.

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