ICT Strategy and Systems Integration

ICT Strategy and Systems Integration
CTI recognizes that Information and Communications Technology merge at many points in an organization’s operating environment. We effectively manage and perform projects of all sizes, from the integration of a Voice Over IP (VOIP) system into the current environment, to the development of a large-scale, multi-user/role, collaborative system. In addition to performing technical services, CTI helps agencies to develop IT and Telecom strategies that are based on internal customer needs and organizational budget

Strategic Planning and Architecture
Our strategic integration services begin with a comprehensive assessment of your organization’s operating environment. During this phase we assess and evaluate the IT and Telecom environments as well as the internal business functions / processes that depend on ICT infrastructure. With a holistic understanding of your specific situation, CTI analyzes components and processes in order to draft an ICT architecture that optimizes efficiencies and maximizes return on investment (ROI). ROI is always a top priority, but it is more of a critical concern when an organization has been overwhelmed by expensive ICT-related assets that have not delivered their own independent ROI, thus stigmatizing assets that may very well be super cost and performance savers once integrated appropriately.

Our systems integration efforts are led by our experienced program managers who have driven technology integration programs of varying magnitudes. Service-oriented architecture (SOA) principles are leveraged to ensure that the technology infrastructure is efficiently implemented to consider business functions and processes.

Unified Communications Strategies
CTI’s goal here is to ensure that your current communications systems are earning their weight in gold by integrating with the other technologies being utilized by your organization. Clients that operate online e-commerce systems will benefit from our services when we determine cost-effective ways to integrate web platforms with telecommunications systems that deliver unprecedented value, i.e. leveraging text messaging to automate a portion of the client ordering process.

Business Case Preparation
At this phase we formally quantify the expected ROI of your organization’s newly (or existing) defined ICT system architecture. ICT business cases rely on an intense understanding not only of the technological operating environment, but more importantly of the business factors that are affected by ICT systems. CTI works closely with organizational leadership to ensure that our clients’ business goals and objectives lead the development of our business cases that provide customer-specific cost and benefit anlalysis.

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