Program and Project Management

Program and Project Management
CTI can come into a program to support Program Management Office (PMO) activities at the program and project level. We can serve as program and project managers, as well as in a supporting capacity providing guidance to managers regarding appropriate and efficient solution implementations and IT/Telecom service enhancements. In this capacity CTI can also assist PMOs with procurement assistance in defining requirements and developing RFP/RFQ research and documentation. Leveraging CTI’s deep experience in delivering PM services we are also able to provide training services in the form of workshops on topics including: requirements gathering, security analysis, compliance, and program performance evaluations.

Program Management Consulting Services
CTI assists our clients at any step of a program or project’s development, from conceptualization to implementation and deployment, our staff are there to lend expertise. CTI’s staff include project managers that can support projects at all levels, from project coordinator to project lead we provide Project Management Institute (PMI) certified consultants to commercial and federal clients.

Our consultants are experienced in the implementation of a wide variety of COTS products and their integration into disparate operating environments.  As a result of our staff’s experience we have developed internal bodies of knowledge regarding the management of programs/projects that cover a variety of industries.

Program Office Development
Sometimes the program office requires development of its own processes, procedures and personnel. CTI assesses your organization’s unique environment and proceeds by developing requirements necessary for the establishment or optimization of your program management office (PMO). We evaluate the mission of the PMO and establish performance benchmarks that guide the development of the PMO while establishing methodologies for leveraging the optimal mix of human capital, technology and processes .


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