Telecom Consulting & Managed Services

Telecom Network Operations Outsourcing
With telecom service providers facing unforeseen levels of growth along with increasing next-generation network complexity, CTI is uniquely positioned to offer outsourced network operations that reduce cost while also achieving expert-level integration and absolute interoperability. The outsourcing trend is continuing to rise as telecom operators realize the risk in relying on equipment manufacturers and vendors.

CTI begins with careful and tactful planning of your organization’s transition to an outsourced operations model. We carefully analyze your organization’s current operations model and help you address internal issues whose resolution is critical to reaping the greatest benefits from outsourcing efforts. Often needing to consolidate and integrate disparate next-generation systems, we are prepared to take on outsourcing projects of any size.

Telecom Managed Services
Recent shifts in the global economy and telecommunications market have inspired new business models that offer integrated services spread through customer based content rather than network based services. The fresh business model at CTI allows customers to enjoy maximum growth and new sources of revenue through innovative partnerships. CTI has reinvented its services to help you succeed in today’s market and keep your business growing faster than ever.

Managed Network Operations
CTI’s Managed Network Operations offers your business full technical support for any of your network needs. Creating an internal network monitoring system for your company can be costly and high maintenance. Our team at CTI will do a professional job by creating a fault management service that is operated by knowledgeable staff in an advanced operational facility. When using CTI’s Managed Network Operations, you will receive a cost effective monitoring system designed specifically for your company’s needs.

Managed Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
With CTI’s Managed Virtual Private Networks you can be assured that all of your information is safe and secure. CTI uses advanced security features to encrypt all data sent between you and the recipient. Since all data is protected, issues with hackers are eliminated. CTI’s Virtual Private Networks use Internet Protocol, and ATM to maximize online security for your company.

- Internet Protocol (IP)
Internet protocol is responsible for sending data across the internet. With secure internet protocol you will prevent data corruption and lost data packets.

- Voice/Telephony
Voice/Telephony are displays of voice and multimedia communications over the internet. Keeping this secure and managed well will allow maximum voice and multimedia communication along with error free connections.

ATM is a type of switch technique that telecommunication networks use to encode different data into small cells. It is important for companies which handle high data output and need a reliable network to process the information. Management of ATM helps secure the highest data outputs and make sure quality is maintained.

Managed Customer Premised Equipment (CPE)
Customer Premised Equipment, otherwise known as CPE is the technology that supports a strong connection between the infrastructure and the customer network. It provides added security, reduces network operating costs, and addresses potential problems in the network. At CTI, our experienced team will install, configure, monitor and manage the CPE, saving you valuable time and resources.

Managed Security
In any business information security is paramount. If your business isn’t secure, you will become vulnerable to problems and jeopardize your business’s future. At CTI, we use state of the art equipment and procedures to ensure that your business is secure twenty four hours a day. Our dedicated team has years of experience and knowledge of all the latest security protection techniques.

Managed Wireline & Wireless Device Monitoring
Wireline and wireless devices are often the backbone of any company because they provide a dependable communication channel. It is imperative that these devices be monitored properly so they can stay efficient and secure. CTI provides unparalleled support for all of your wireline and wireless device needs. We will make sure that the only thing you have to worry about is dialing the number or turning on the device.

Managed OSS & BSS
When your business improves its outreach and limits its IT costs through efficient outsourcing; you can focus more on customers rather than the complicated technological background associated with security and network management. CTI is focused on easing the confusing and frustrating IT related problems and providing you with a service that allows you a fully secure environment to conduct business.

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